How To Grow A Puddle

How To Grow A Puddle

How To Grow A Puddle
How To Grow A Puddle
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“How To Grow A Puddle” is the second in author/illustrator Edie Batstone’s ‘Puddle Series’.  The catchy poems are pure fun - a look at the great outdoors in the colourful ‘puddle-jumping’ way in which children see and appreciate it.  This is a book that will appeal to the little child in everyone.


Edie Batstone, in her delightful book, “How to Grow a Puddle”  has used the nature around us and created what I call  picture poems.   Although I suspect she means to attract a younger audience, those of us of an age, will surely get much enjoyment out of her that talks to her,  and wrapping up all of them  into  an enchanting  book of poems.


Bathstone’s illustrations are whimsical and perfect purveyors for the story behind the poems.   “How to Grow a Puddle”  is the second in Batstone’s series, with a third on the way.


These books will take every child lucky enough to have a copy into a wonderful world of fantasy, and challenge  his or her imagination.  What a perfect starting place for the beginning of a child’s library!         




- Mary Cook, Author and popular storyteller


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