Traversed Dilemma

Traversed Dilemma

Traversed Dilemma
Traversed Dilemma
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Like all immigrants who have come to Canada, Deaddream Destiny, from war-torn southern Sudan (now the Republic of South Sudan), had hoped that upon arrival in Ottawa she would get a job in her profession and start a good life.  However, she soon realized that the employment system in Canada does not recognize foreign credentials and experiences.  The dilemma shocked her but she didn’t allow it to also deprive her of hope.  Therefore, she began training for the job that the system easily gave to the immigrants, while she concurrently founded a monthly meeting for the immigrants she had spoken with; the participants shared their life’s stories and helped each other find jobs.  After she had been employed for over a year, her life fell apart due to intolerable racism; nevertheless, she overcame it.  Eventually, their meeting became a force to be reckoned with and was registered as a Not-For-Profit Organization called UNITED IN COURAGE AND HOPE WE STAND (UCHS). 

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