Baico provides authors with distribution channels for both paperback print and e-book services.


Authors! We understand that getting your book published can often be a daunting, tedious, disappointing and sometimes a very expensive experience, but not at Baico! We offer you the opportunity through an easy, simple, quick and affordable process to have your dream of becoming an accomplished published author realized.

Baico provides a comprehensive set of professional publishing knowledge and skills in a friendly and warm environment with personable staff guiding you step by step throughout the process.
The following is a list of some of the benefits of using Baico as your publisher:
  • Baico takes care of the publishing’s legal and administrative issues such as: ISBN number, EAN Scan Code needed for bookstores and other retailers, Legal Deposit at the National Library and Cataloguing in Publication (optional).
  • Authors retain full copyright and the right to market and sell their books.
  • We will target focus groups and book movers in order to maximize book sales.
  • Your books will be made available at:
    - Baico physical bookstore
  • If you require digital services then your eBook or Mobile App will be available, at a minimum, at the following storefronts:
  • Baico offers a competitive royalty payment. Royalties will likely increase depending on the size of the print-runs and the sales arising from these which is not usually offered by our competitors.
  • Authors can purchase copies of their books from Baico at a competitive discount rate.
  • Authors will receive guidance on marketing and with regard to events such as book signing and book fairs.
With over 10 years of experience, Baico is recognized as one of the few publishing companies dedicated to publishing Canadian Authors and to making their books available to global readers.
We are committed to publishing books on a variety of topics that seek to entertain, inspire, provoke thought, inform, teach, guide and to making this world a better place. As such, Baico reads all manuscripts submitted to us so as to select those that meet our vision to maintain a high publishing standard.

We are happy to actively contribute to increasing literacy among our global family by getting books into the hands of national and international readers through our physical bookstore, online store and distribution network.

At Baico, we share the joy of reading with Canadian Authors and fellow readers, putting Authors and readers on the same page!